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Divorce is undoubtedly difficult for the individuals and families going through it, but it is also a burden on the businesses employing divorcing couples. Recent studies have found that relationship-related emotional issues, such as divorce, result in worker stress that can cost companies billions of dollars annually. Businesses lose a substantial amount when an employee goes through a divorce, but employees risk losing their jobs unless they follow these simple guidelines.


When at work, divorcing individuals should avoid talking about their divorce, dealing with divorce-related paperwork, and taking divorce-related personal calls. Outside of a time-sensitive emergency, employees should save all divorce-related activities for their personal time. Doing so allows the divorcing individual to avoid plunging into deep, personal, troubling emotions and thoughts that are certain to distract them from work. In some ways, this can even be a relief, knowing that working hours are a divorce-free zone.

Private Support System:

Many people spend more time with work associates than they do with friends and family. That can result in seeing work associates as an extension of one’s personal life, with employees often leaning on each other for emotional support during difficult times. When divorcing, individuals should ensure they have a strong support system outside the office through friends, family, and support groups. Creating these out-of-office support groups will allow the employee to get the support they need while keeping the divorce out of the office.

Don’t Take On Too Much:

Some have a natural inclination to bury themselves in work when they are dealing with emotional issues outside the office. Doing so can be helpful, but divorcing individuals should be careful not to take on too much work or too many special projects during this emotional, vulnerable, stressful time. It is good to keep busy, but to create added stress through tight work deadlines and expectations might make the individual feel much worse instead of better.

Let Your Boss Know: 

While the ultimate goal is to keep divorce out of the workplace, employees should still tell their supervisor what’s going on. Notifying a supervisor will ensure that if the employee needs extra time at lunch, has an unexpected absence, or occasionally struggles at work, their supervisor can have an appropriate and understanding response